Wanted: An Interesting Life

Wanted: An Interesting Life


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Description for WANTED: AN INTERESTING LIFE by Bev Katz Rosenbaum:

With twenty-nine fading fast and thirty on the horizon, single-again Lou Bergman vows to become the capital-I Interesting person she knows she was meant to be.

Which means ditching her cheesy job as a wedding videographer to write screenplays, moving out of her boring-beige apartment and heading downtown to explore the more...er, diverse facets of New York City. Because she has only one year to prove to her dishy nemesis, Jake Roth, that she's creative, edgy and quite possibly the most fascinating woman on the planet.

But when Interesting also means lots of pressure, no satisfying food and leaving behind all her friends -- including Jake -- maybe a lowercase interesting life wouldn't be all that bad....

Harlequin Flipside #14, April, 2004.

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