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Wayward Moon

Wayward Moon


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Description for WAYWARD MOON by Denny DeMartino:


In the year 2130, the discovery of zero-point gravity changed everything. Now, the afterlife is not longer a mystery. Interplanetary travel is possible---and increasingly popular. And forensic astrologers like Philipa Cyprion are solving crimes by way of the stars...

Artemis Hadrien and I never thought we'd end up on the Baderes space station. But here we are, a Terrapol Lieutenant and a forensic astrologer, on one of the toughest cases in either of our careers...

Duriken Sunteel wanted to be a hero---and died trying. She was only seconds away from resuscitating a dead planet when her life force was ripped from her body. Who's responsible for her death? Well, that's what we've come to find out.

The truth is, I've been feeling uneasy ever since we arrived. For one thing, this place is swarming with weird-looking aliens. For another, the administrator is a phony if I've ever seen one---and believe me, I've seen plenty. It's a tough situation, but what can I say? I'm working hard, running scared, and keeping my head---or trying to.

This is #2 in Astrologer Series.

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