We Wish You A Merry Murder

We Wish You A Merry Murder


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Description for WE WISH YOU A MERRY MURDER by Valerie Wolzien:

Hancock, Connecticut, was bustling for Christmas: parties, cookie baking, concerts...and a missing body.

Chic suburbanite Kelly Knowlson firmly believed her ex-husband Evan (who had recently moved his new bride into a dream home behind hers) would someday return. He did: sitting comfortably by the fire, eggnog at his side, The Night Before Christmas in his hands--and a bullet in his head.

And with his body gone when the police arrived, his ex-wife became the prime suspect.

Between molding cheese balls and salmon mousse for her annual holiday party, coping with two teenagers and a visiting mother-in-law, suburban sleuth Susan Henshaw fits in a little yuletide detecting to discover if Kelly Knowlson iced her ex. And if not, who would dare send such an uncharitable Christmas greeting...?

This is #3 in A Susan Henshaw Mystery series.

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