Wed And Buried

Wed And Buried


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Description for WED AND BURIED by Toni L P Kelner:

Since the birth of her six-month-old daughter, Alice, Laura has wanted to do nothing but camp out in her Boston apartment and dream of having one good night's sleep. So when her excitable, social climbing cousin Vasti calls to say there's trouble in Byerly, the savvy sleuth is tempted to say she's taking a leave of absence from crazy family shenanigans. But it isn't Vasti who needs the help, it's irascible Aunt Maggie--or rather, Maggie's new husband. Normally, the words "husband" and "Aunt Maggie" would have Laura howling, but the identity of the groom boggles the mind--Aunt Maggie has gone and married Big Bill Walters. And now, someone's trying to kill the old coot.

Laura doesn't like the idea of her aunt in harm's way, so with baby in tow, she sets out to investigate a veritable seven-layer cake of a case where greedy power plays and simmering, small-town secrets are hiding beneath one pretty package...

This is #8 in A Laura Fleming Mystery.

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