Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues


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Description for WEDDING BELL BLUES by Heather Graham: UNHOLY MATRIMONY

If Kaitlin O'Herlihy got one more wedding invitation, she was going to scream. Suddenly everyone she knew--including her grandmother, for heaven's sake!--was getting married, and it was making a shambles of her well-ordered existence. It had also brought a certain Brendan O'Herlihy back into her life, and she could certainly do without that.

So he was the best man, was he? That troublesome ex-husband of hers seemed to be everywhere, making a perfect nuisance of himself--and a complete wreck of her. He was as maddening and exciting as ever. But it took an unwilling ride in a truck full of hijacked wedding dresses to make Kaitlin see that he really was the best man--for her.

This is #10 in Bestselling Author Collection.

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