"What Does Joan Say?"

"What Does Joan Say?"


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Description for "WHAT DOES JOAN SAY?" by Joan Quigley:

Not since the days of the Roman emperors---and never in the history of the United States Presidency---has an astrologer played such a significant role in a nation's affairs of State.

Beginning with Ronald Reagan's campaign for the Presidency in 1980 to the end of his second term, Joan Quigley wielded considerable influence in the creation of major U. S. policy, and was involved in the defusion of the Bitburg crisis, the Geneva and Reykhavik summits , the INF Treaty, and the president's historical shift from viewing Russia as the Evil Empire to accepting Mikhail Gorbachev as a leader who sought peace and reconciliation.

Ms. Quigley's astrological advice also affected the timing of the President's important speeches, the day, hour and minute of his departure on Air Force One, and the re-creation of Nancy Reagan's public image.

Joan Quigley often talked to Nancy Reagan two or three times a day, and on occasion for several hours at a stretch. Frequently, Ronald Reagan would ask Nancy: What does Joan say?"

Ms Quigley explains: "This is a book I never thought I'd write. In May of 1988 when Donald Regan's book came out, causing such an uproar, I rejected all suggestions that I document my Reagan years. I said as little as possible to the media. I tried above all to keep from damaging the President I had admired and served for seven years with total dedication.

"Now Nancy's book, MY TURN, has forced me to reconsider. It reads like fiction and much of it is evasive. What she has left out about the way she used astrology and my ideas would fill a book. I now feel it is appropriate for em to write one.

"Normally I keep silent about my professional work. However, in late May, 1987, Nancy Reagan said to me, 'Joan, you have been a very important part of this administration.' Nancy and put inot words what I already knew: that I had contributed ideas and astrological advice that shaped administration policy with the U. S. S. R. and with regard to other crucial matters. "Through Nancy, I had a direct line to the President. That the astrological work I did for both Reagans affected the top level of government is now a matter of history. This book will describe what I did as an astrologer for seven years of the Reagan administration." The very last work Nancy Reagan said to Joan Quigley, if she should be asked about sensitive matters, was "lie". For the sake of history and to set the record straight, the author reveals the entire and startling truth.

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