When The Halo Falls

When The Halo Falls


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Description for WHEN THE HALO FALLS by Kathleen Kane:

It was strictly against the rules for Patience Goodfellow to fall in love with Brady Shaw, saloon wonder, ex-gunfighter, and ladies' man. But Patience knew he had a heart of gold. She should. She had been his guardian angel since he was eleven years old. She still would be if she hadn't taken her halo off, accidentally been knocked unconscious, and woken up mortal, at least temporarily...

Brady Shaw meant to escort this beautiful stranger right out the saloon door. Dropping out of nowhere and insisting she was his fiancee had him hoping mad--and thoroughly perplexed. Somehow, she knew everything about him. But loving an angel might change him in ways he never expected. Now, Patience can only pray she'll get her chance for earthly happiness...and a love that could only come from paradise...

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