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When This Cruel War Is Over: A Novel Of The Civil War

When This Cruel War Is Over: A Novel Of The Civil War


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Description for WHEN THIS CRUEL WAR IS OVER: A NOVEL OF THE CIVIL WAR by Thomas Fleming:

They called themselves Sons of Liberty -- a revolutionary conspiracy that intended to form a new confederacy in the American heartland -- and put an end to the American Civil War. Backed by the South, the Sons launch guerilla attacks against Union troops. The year is 1864, the place Indiana and Kentucky. A time of ruthless censorship, conscription, and a seemingly endless war that has left a half a million Americans dead. Union Major Paul Stapleton falls in love with Janet Todd, courier and evangelist for the Sons of Liberty. Another admirer, Colonel Adam Jameson, readies his Confederate cavalry division to support the Sons' revolt. The battle for the future of America is about to begin.

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