Which Big Giver Stole The Chopped Liver?

Which Big Giver Stole The Chopped Liver?


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Description for WHICH BIG GIVER STOLE THE CHOPPED LIVER? by Sharon Kahn:

It isn't easy being a rabbi's wife in Eternal, Texas. It's even harder being a rabbi's widow. More than a year after her husband's death, the congregation still expects Ruby to behave "appropriately." But sometimes it's hard to be pious and ladylike when you're investigating a murder...

Essie Sue, the Eternal thorn in Ruby's side, is at it again. This time she's organizing a reunion of Temple Rita's Big Givers to salute its two most important members: Freddie Fenstermeister, grand-nephew of the temple's founder, and...Essie Sue herself. To save money, Essie Sue has made her own piece de resistance for the reception -- a chopped liver mold in the shape of Texas. But the mold disappears from the hors d'oeuvres table...only to be replaced by a body on ice. With some unexpected help from Rabbi Kevin, and from police lieutenant Paul Lundy, Ruby's soon on the trail of a killer -- who's also a chopped liver thief.

This is #5 in A Ruby, The Rabbi's Wife series.

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