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Whispered Lies

Whispered Lies


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Description for WHISPERED LIES by Christy Cohen:


For thirty-seven years Leah Shaperson had been trapped in a marriage devoid of passion. Then a stranger's tantalizing touch awakened her desires, and she found that she'd do anything to feel wanted once more...even submit to reckless games and her lover's darkest fantasies. But she would soon learn that the price of forbidden pleasure is steep....


Elliot Shaperson once thought that the secret to a happy life was to avoid the truth. Even when his wife betrayed him with another man, he couldn't risk a confrontation. But deep inside the rage was building, and soon he'd find the strength to take desperate steps--in the name of love, honor...and revenge.

They were two intimate strangers divided by dangerous secrets, broken vows, and misplaced passions. And they were about to learn the greatest lesson of their lives: only the strongest love can survive...

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