Whispered Wishes

Whispered Wishes


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Description for WHISPERED WISHES by Joan Elliott Pickart:

Men just didn't enter the door of Amnity Ames's crafts shop -- especially not breathtakingly handsome hunks like Tander Ellis! He made her stomach flutter, her mouth water, and her heart tap dance like Fred Astaire. Tander told Amnity he'd decided to try needlepoint as therapy while his knee healed from surgery, but she couldn't know he suspected her of being involved in the smuggling of stolen diamonds -- and he never imagined he'd succumb to the most alluring eyes he'd ever seen! Amnity felt mesmerized and wanted to lose herself in Tander's strong arms, but caring for such a tantalizing man was dangerous business. Desperately hurt by those she loved best, Amnity had built walls to protect her heart, but nothing could keep the man for whom she'd waited a lifetime from fighting his way inside. Tander dared her to believe in tomorrow, to vanquish the ghosts that divided them, but could he show her that rainbows would follow the storm they'd been through?

This is Loveswept #398, May 1990

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