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Whispers In The Wind

Whispers In The Wind


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Description for WHISPERS IN THE WIND by Katherine Compton:


Collin MacLaine won Luxley Manor fair and square in a card game, and he has arrived to take over the isolated estate where he plans to immerse himself in his writing. But he is not prepared for the enchanting beauty he finds dancing on the walls of the castle ruins. Silhouetted in the moonlight, she moves with the grace of an angel, her long hair gleaming silver, the very picture of a fairy tale princess.

She is Galilea Jones, orphaned and alone, a waif who lives on the estate and is rumored to be a witch. Now she stands before the new lord of the manor who could shatter the tranquility of her world. Yet it is this dark and handsome stranger with whom she will share this splendid solitude. And together they will uncover the deadly measure that haunts her ... as they fall helplessly under an irresistible spell of love.

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