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White Hot

White Hot


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Description for WHITE HOT by Carla Neggers:

Mollie Lavender just moved from Boston to Palm Beach, Florida, to start her own P. R. Business. So far her clients include a dog, a ninety-year-old ventriloquist, and a grumpy astronaut. Her life is going swimmingly in South Florida -- until she runs into Jeremiah Tabak, hard-hitting reporter. Ten years should have erased her feelings for a man who broke her heart. But a decade turns out to be not nearly long enough.

A society party isn't Jeremiah's usual beat, but he can't resist a hot tip that puts an old flame in the thick of things again. This time it's a cat burglar on the loose. Seeing Mollie back on his turf stirs up old desires...and new suspicions. Mollie has attended every gala where the burglar has struck, and Jeremiah wonders if she's in over her head...or maybe she's the thief.

Even when Mollie teams up with Jeremiah to get to the truth, she's wary. His touch triggers powerful new emotions she can't control. As she joins him to set a dangerous trap for a burglar, what may be stolen next is her still-fragile heart......

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