Who Shot Longshot Sam?

Who Shot Longshot Sam?


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Description for WHO SHOT LONGSHOT SAM? by Paul Engleman:

Corralled into entering a harness-racing handicap contest by one of his sleazy racetrack friends, New York private eye Mark Renzler is on hand when master handicapper Longshot Sam Natoli catches a sniper's bullet, fired from a distance by a high-powered rifle.

The super Pick contest is being held at Garden State Downs, a seedy North Jersey track, and Natoli had been enjoying a clear lead in the race for the $50,000 prize. also involved in the contest is a small army of eccentric potential suspects: nasty ex-cons, sexy ex-wives, jealous rival handicappers, dumb and heavily armed security men, crooked cops, and politicians.

Given the legendary investigative brilliance of the New Jersey Police, it's up to the often befuddled but always street-smart Renzler---abetted by his avant-garde artist pal Nate Moore and teenaged seminary student nephew Herbie---to get the straight dope on who shot Longshot Sam.

This is #4 in Mark Renzler series.

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