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Why Casey Had To Die

Why Casey Had To Die

Author: L C Hayden

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 253

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Description for WHY CASEY HAD TO DIE by L C Hayden:

Newly retired police officer Harry Bronson has just one regret in his career: the murder he never solved. It was his first case as a rookie, and the only one he played strictly by the book. Perhaps that's why he still has the files with him more than twenty years later. And why he's ready when the killer that got away comes back, ready to resume the game.

Cryptic letters, along with an invitation to join a murder-mystery convention with an eerily familiar plot, lure him to Arizona--and another murder makes him realize he's up against a twisted mind intent on some kind of final showdown. When his faceless enemy strikes out by abducting Harry's wife, Carol, a desperate race across the desert is about to become a one-way trip where winner takes all, and the loser dies trying.

This is #5 in Harry Bronson series & #663 in Worldwide Mysteries series.

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