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Author: Skye Kathleen Moody

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 269

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Description for WILDCRAFTERS by Skye Kathleen Moody:

The dark side of Northern Exposure, or perhaps the light side of Twin Peaks - that's the appealing, slightly eccentric place lucky readers discover upon opening one of Skye Kathleen Moody's mysteries featuring DOI Fish and Wildlife Agent Venus Diamond. Venus and her brand-new husband, Richard, are practically on the plane headed for a Hawaiian honeymoon when duty interferes. An Native American infant has disappeared from a tiny community in western Washington State along the Bogachiel National Wildlife Preserve. Her bosses want her to head up the investigating team, because no one knows the territory like Venus, but also because of the report of elk hoofprints near the baby's bassinet. Venus already has been investigating a series of elk poachings nearby. The case is especially complicated because of the rumors swirling around Iron County. Superstitious villagers seem convinced that the baby wasn't kidnapped - more likely snatched by "the Unknown," the monstrous creature villagers say roams the preserve in search of victims...

This is #3 in A Venus Diamond Mystery.

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