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Description for WILDE MAN by Daphne Clair:

Family Legacies -- Crocodile Tears Enter the House of DeWilde

Since the turn of the century, the elegant and fashionable DeWilde stores have helped brides around the world realize the fantasy of their "special day."

The store: DeWildes, Sydney. Maxine Sterling, the store's crackerjack legal counsel, was not about to take any guff from the outrageous and devastating backwoods type who'd crashed a stylish DeWilde wedding.

The stakes: The sophisticated image and spotless reputation of DeWilde's Sydney store was being destroyed by tacky T-shirts and unmentionable souvenirs! And Maxine was not going to let swaggering DeWilde Cutter get away with it! He'd have to take his gorgeous looks and puzzling name and find another business! And she was certainly not going to fall in love with a man whose life-style symbolized everything she'd fought so hard to escape!

This is #10 in Weddings By DeWilde Series.

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