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Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors

Author: David Gemmell

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Acceptable

Pages: 339

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Description for WINTER WARRIORS by David Gemmell:

Winged demons gather, silent and unseen, above the city of Usa, their talons long and sharp. Their purpose is clear, as is the prophesy: Upon the deaths of the three kings, the demon riders of the Krayakin will become flesh, free to slake their thirst with human blood -- and the stench of evil will cover the land.

Two of the kings are already dead. For the prophesy to be fulfilled, spreading carnage across the world, the demon lord must sacrifice the third king: Queen Axiana's unborn child.

When Emperor Skanda disbands his army, the pregnant queen takes flight, pursued by the Lords of the Undead. All hope lies with three ancient heroes. Though discarded by the emperor, they are still Drenai soldiers: Bison the giant, Kebra the Bowman, and the great swordsman Nogusta -- the demon lord's greatest foe. But will these warriors -- once the best in the land -- be enough to stem the tide of gruesome horror that threatens to envelop the world?

This is #8 in Drenai Tales Series.

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