With Not A Spoken Word

With Not A Spoken Word


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Description for WITH NOT A SPOKEN WORD by Terry Fowler:

"My parents are dead."

Arianna Kent's last spoken words were heard by a 911 operator. Now in hiding, Ari and her brother Simon must process their grief and the fear of the killer on the loose. But since her traumatic discovery of the murder, Ari has not been able to speak.

As a psychiatrist, Mitch Ellis is intrigued with Ari's condition. When the opportunity arises for him to help on her security detail, he take it; though not to analyze her, but because he personally understands her loss.

Details begin to emerge, but they only cause more confusion. When Ari learns the board of the family business plans to place someone other than her as CEO, she must return to the scene of the crime.

Can Mitch protect Ari when his own secrets are revealed? Can Ari forgive yet another betrayal from a person she loves? Only God can untangle the mess they're in, but will they let Him?

Heartsong Presents #962, 2011

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