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Wolf In The Shadows

Wolf In The Shadows


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Description for WOLF IN THE SHADOWS by Sharon McCone:

San Francisco PI. Sharon McCone isn't ready at all to cope with the disaster. Just when All Souls Legal Cooperative hands her an ultimatum that will tie her to a desk forever. Hy Ripinsky, her lover and an environmental activist, suddenly vanishes. Determined to find him, Sharon puts her career crisis on hold, only to discover Hy's abandoned plane, wrecked rental car, and the intrigues of a shady international security firm. From her family's San Diego homestead, to an opulent villa on the Mexican coast, to the treacherous canyons stretching back across the border, she'll search for clues--and come face-to-face with her own issues. For soon, caught in the gunsight of a cunning killer, she'll have to make hair-trigger choices about her future, her life, and everything she holds dear.

This is #14 in Sharon McCone series.

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