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Description for WORKING IT by Cathy Yardley:

"I'm all yours...for three weeks!"

So offers smart and feisty Jade "Not on my watch" Morrow. She's putting it allon the line for a big promotion -- to play with the big kids she knows she'll have to do whatever it'll take to get there...including accompanying Drew Robson on a road trip. Showing the would-be CEO the sharp, fine-tuned business savvy he needs to save his company will satisfy several of Jade's needs at once. After all, a deal's a deal.

Drew wants to renege on the arrangement with Jade's firm -- no way does Drew need her -- that is, until he sees her live and in the flesh. Immediately, sexy, sensual Jade has him questioning everything he once thought he knew. Now she's the only thing on his mind. He's not sure where they'll stop, but as they're burning up the highways, they'll be burning up the sheets.

Now, that's what's called Working It.

Harlequin Blaze #89, June, 2003.

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