Would I Lie To You?

Would I Lie To You?


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Description of WOULD I LIE TO YOU? by Sheila Norton:

If Honesty's The Best Policy, How Come No One's Buying?

Beth Marston is officially a mess. The single mom has been dumped by the love of her life. Her writing career has yet to take off, forcing her to clean houses for a living. Her mother calls every week to remind her that at least her brother and sister turned out okay. And the only hope for sex in this lifetime just may be a client who wants her to roll naked in chocolate on his kitchen floor--then mop it up.

Is It Me? Or Is It Just, Um, Me?

All around Beth is evidence that people do actually get it together. Her best friend, Fay, is married with two children and never seems to have a cereal box out of place. Louise and Ben live in a fabulously posh house. Even Dottie, who is eighty, acts like she's still an adventurous eighteen. Right. So it's time to stop playing by the rules. Time to stop being so bloody honest about her life--starting with Alex Chapman. The mysterious executive doesn't seem to actually live in his flat. It's so clean that Beth could hardly be faulted for using that time and his computer to work on her new script. It's just one little fib. But one fib has a way of turning things completely upside down.

When In Doubt, Fake It... Now, Beth is about to discover that nothing is quite what it seems. Beneath the sparkling surface of every perfect life is a huge mess that no one has a clue how to clean up. And getting honest about screwing it all up may just be the best thing that's ever happened...

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