Wrack And Rune

Wrack And Rune


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Description for WRACK AND RUNE by Charlotte MacLeod:

In the sleepy hamlet of Lumpkins Corners, Professor Peter Shandy's reputation as an amateur sleuth was almost as well known as his success in developing a new strain of rutabaga. So when violent and exceedingly unpleasant death visited Horsefall Farm, the third phone call---after the police and the coroner were called---was to Professor Shandy.

The cause of death was all too clear; quicklime. The verdict: a tragic accident. But that was before a nosy young reporter dug up an ancient Nordic runestone and its curse. Before 102-year-old Sven Svenson took up with an older woman. Before Professor Shandy pieced together a puzzle that pointed to a very clever killer.

This is #3 in the Peter and Helen Shandy series.

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