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Wrath Of The Mountain Man

Wrath Of The Mountain Man


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Description for WRATH OF THE MOUNTAIN MAN by William W Johnstone:

Shoot A Mountain Man In The Back... On the frontier, a man's word is his bond, and only fast guns and good friends can save your life. So when Smoke Jensen trusts his gravely injured comrade to the care of a small town doctor, the last thing he expects is an act of betrayal--and a call for revenge...

And Get Ready To Look Him In The Eye. Somewhere in his past, Smoke crossed paths with a lowlife who has now built a little kingdom as a frontier sheriff. For the corrupt lawman, holding Smoke's friend hostage is the perfect way to lure Smoke into a deathtrap. Now there's no choice for the mountain man. He knows how many guns are waiting up ahead. But he won't ever leave a brother behind. And this time, there won't be an enemy left standing--or a bullet left in Smoke's gun...

This is #32 in the Last Mountain Man Series.

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