Wyatt's Most Wanted Wife

Wyatt's Most Wanted Wife


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Description for WYATT'S MOST WANTED WIFE by Sandra Steffen:

The Bachelor: Wyatt McCully, dedicated -- and extremely eligible -- town sheriff. Though husband-hungry women were flocking to Jasper Gulch, there was only one single gal Wyatt wanted.

The Bride: Lisa Markman, a woman with a yearning for marriage, and with a secret. She couldn't dare consider lawman Wyatt as a potential groom.

The sexy sheriff could tell when a woman was interested, and Lisa had all the signs of succumbing to his charming ways. So why did she refuse to take his heartfelt proposals seriously? Wyatt decided he had to uncover everything about the mysterious woman he intended to claim as his wife, and set out to make the pursuit his pleasure...and hers!

Silhouette Romance #1241, August, 1997.

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