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Yankee Earl

Yankee Earl


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Description for YANKEE EARL by Shirl Henke:

Jason Beaumont, brash American privateer, was now Earl of Falconridge, and the Honorable Miss Rachel Fairchild could not have been more horrified. Until she found herself making the brute's acquaintance lying flat on her back in the mud, gazing up at a particularly fascinating portion of his anatomy. She grew still more flustered when the arrogant colonial proceeded to set London's tongues wagging with his daring exploits, and challenge her own cutting wit with his outrageous innuendoes. But most shocking of all was a surprise betrothal ball where she learned her own father had conspired to see her leg shackled, for better or worse, to the ... YANKEE EARL.

This is #1 in American Lords Trilogy.

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