You Are So Cursed!

You Are So Cursed!


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Description for YOU ARE SO CURSED! by Naomi Nash:

Watch Out!

High School's a dog-eat-dog world, but Vickie Marotti has an edge. Scorned by the jocks and cheerleaders? Misunderstood by the uptight vice principal? No problem. Not when you're an adept street magician, hexing bullies who dare harass you or your outcast friends!

But then cute and popular upperclassman Gio Carson recognized the truth: Vick's no more a witch than she is class president. Her dark curses are nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Will he tell the world, or will it be their little secret?

Vick is about to face down sneering meatheads, vicious yearbook queens, and Rambo the Goat---a school mascot with a ferocious bowel problem. And she is about to learn a valuable lesson: that real magic lies in knowing your true friends.

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