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You Slay Me

You Slay Me


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Description for YOU SLAY ME by Katie MacAlister:

I'm Aisling Grey, and I have the job from Hell....

Literally. My prior career as a courier began and ended when I traveled to Paris to deliver a six-hundred-year-old golden drag-on statue and learned I was a Guardian. That's a Keeper of the Gates to Hell to you mere mortals. This I found out from Drake Vireo, a scrumptiously sexy (in human form at least) real-life dragon. Then he stole my artifact out from under my nose--and from under the dead body of the person I was sup-posed to deliver it to.

After tracking Drake down to a local bar, I discovered I'm also a wyvern's mate. And wouldn't you know Drake is a wyvern? He couldn't be just some underling--he had to be head drag-on. But the fact that he's the prime suspect behind the murders in Paris's immortal underworld--murders I must solve in order to clear my suddenly soiled name--means it will take some convincing to get me to partake of the sensual pleasures he offers. Just because I'm naive doesn't mean I'm easy.

Other than being a murder suspect, conjuring up a demon in the form of a shaggy Newfoundland, and fending off the advances of a horny dragon, I'm having a wonderful time in Paris.

Wish you were here....

This is #1 in Aisling Grey, Guardian series.

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